Dosing Technology.

for liquid silicone rubber (LSR)


ACH MaxiMix 20L/200L & ACH MiniMix 1L

We have not invented the base technology of dosing- or metering pumps. Also the awareness that each customer is having different require- ments is not coming from us. But we have merged both findings and com- bined it with our long-term technical expertise. Now we can offer a dosing pump which is exactly adjusted for your needs. As unique your products are as unique the technical system must be. Particularly for processing of silicone elastomers highest diligence is of essence to ensure best quality.

For material trials or small shot weight we have developed a small dosing pump. With short hose length material changes are easy without wasting a lot of material.

More Value.

  • large 12,1" resp. 10" touch screen for easy operation
  • pneumatic driven, electronically controlled
  • constant mixing ration 1:1
  • easy handling, quick venting
  • less than 1% waste remaining in drums (ACH MaxiMix)
  • complete process documentation via USB or network interface connection
  • clean-room operation possible
  • simple change from pail to drum (ACH MaxiMix)